Transform the look of your property with our professional pressure washing services. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your home or business, leaving it looking clean and refreshed. We offer pressure washing services for a variety of surfaces, including siding, decks, patios, sidewalks, and more. Our services are not only affordable, but they are also safe for your property and the environment. Let us take care of the hard work so you can enjoy a beautifully clean property without any hassle. Contact us today to schedule your pressure washing service and see the difference for yourself.

5 Reasons to choose D.R. Home Renovation Services for your Pressure Washing needs.

  1. Professionalism: Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in pressure washing services, and they are committed to delivering exceptional results.
  2. State-of-the-art equipment: We use advanced pressure washing equipment to ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original condition.
  3. Attention to detail: We pay close attention to every detail of the cleaning process to ensure that no spot or stain is left behind.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs and requirements are met.
  5. Environmentally friendly: We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods to minimize our impact on the environment while still achieving exceptional cleaning results. Contact us today to schedule your pressure washing service and experience the difference for yourself.


Over time the harsh Houston weather can wreak havoc on your property and home, slowly robbing it of that glimmer that it once held. Here in Houston our weather has a multitude of factors that help add to the conditions that take from the beauty of your home’s appearance.

Living in the Houston area humidity is one factor that we all know too well. This humidity helps with a couple of these afflictions of the home. Green Algae is typically what we see on our wood or vinyl siding of our homes. Typically this algae is green but it can be black or even brown. It’s caused by the wall being damp a majority of the time, either by a tree that is blocking sunlight not allowing moisture to be evaporated from the area, or quite possibly a faulty or clogged set of gutters allowing water to stream down constantly in one particular area. Using a mild detergent, as to not harm the paint layer, a pressure washer and some elbow grease, this algae can be removed to help your home have that new appearance. This works especially well for vinyl; wood may have some imperfections and is porous, having algae go unchecked for extended periods of time can lead to damage and need of new paint to reseal chips that may occur from algae breaking the seal of the paint coat.

Your sidewalk is another area that gets its fair share of damage from our weather. UV rays, high temperatures and humidity allow black algae to grow on the sidewalks surrounding our homes. Black mold slowly grows over time and darkens the appearance of your sidewalks or patios. Sometimes on areas that have low friction this can cause a slip hazard. We use pressure washers and mild detergents as to not harm the environment surrounding your sidewalks or patios, especially in the case of surrounding flower beds and gardens.

Give us a moment to check your area around your home for a quote, great for Spring cleaning or just giving the home a fresh appearance.

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